“It is a mystery why Boston-area songwriter, Harriet Goldberg is not on the national scene writing songs for Diana Krall and Michael Buble. Her sophisticated blend of romantic, urbane lyrics with infectious melodies set to swing, bossa nova, or jazz tempos present themselves as standards that could easily have been sung by Nancy Wilson, Sarah Vaughn, or Betty Carter. This is the kind of candle-lit jazz you want to have handy for uptown cocktail parties, entertaining dinner guests, or just curling up with that special someone by the fire. 

"My Time To Fly" has first rate production values, stellar arrangements by Billy Novick, a stable of seasoned musicians, and exceptionally talented local jazz vocalists Krisanthi Pappas, Dane Vannatter, and Lynn Stein, all in top form. 

Pappas is at her best ever, performing on six of the recording’s dozen cuts. Exhibiting a smokier, more sultry tone here than on her own recordings, she is appealing enough to become a national household name. She shines on "You Won’t Be Breaking My Heart," sinking her teeth into Goldberg’s searing lyrics with bold theatricality. 

Vannatter doesn’t utter a false note on his four cuts, giving us velvety moments on "And There Is Love," and a warm buttery vibrato, worthy of Mel Torme comparisons, melting over the bittersweet lyrics of "From Time to Time." 

But it is the songs themselves that shine brightest here, and when Vannatter sings "there’s no denying | I’m ready for this ride," you know it’s Goldberg’s time to fly.”

                                John Amodeo  March 3. 2012  Edge on the Net

I’m not saying this is a great CD because I am singing on it.  I am saying it is a great CD because Harriet’s song writing is so classic, clever and beautiful - her songs are easy to remember and a pleasure to sing!  If you’re a singer looking for new tunes that are today’s jazz standards, check out this CD!

                                 Krisanthi Pappas - jazz vocalist and songwriter

“Listening to the material on My Time to Fly, Massachusetts-based Harriet Goldberg’s songs are easygoing and unpretentious...focused on love: love longed for, love lost or found or detoured...a few numbers talk about perspectives on relationships beyond the usual major highs and lows (“We Don’t Know Where We’re Going” bemusedly confronts the uncertainty and uses the metaphor of a road trip; an ex is honest about how memories and emotions triggered by them crop up “From Time to Time,” but is neither devastated nor warmed enough to think they could or should start over.)  The upbeat, empoweringly confident title song is energizing...With repeated plays the subtle underpinnings of the writing craft and singing here come out more, and the grown-up perspectives do, too.” 

                                  Rob Lester March 2012 Talkin’



“Bob Levy’s new recording, Connections, with lyrics by Levy, and music by various composers, including himself, convinces us that the craft of writing American standards is not only alive and well, but thriving...Levy is nothing else if not a marvelous collaborator ... His most fruitful teamwork shows with Harriet Goldberg, whose haunting descending harmonies in “The Moon, the Stars, the Sky” and lilting romantic tempo in “Nothing to Lose,” are real standouts.”

                                  John Amodeo, Sept. 27, 2015, Cabaret Scenes

“And, now for my favorites……  “The Moon, The Stars, The Sky” with music by Goldberg and sung by Vannatter is a great pop ballad that I would liken to some of Stevie Wonder’s hits.  It has an R & B sound, simple, but fantastical lyrics, and a slow rhythm with heavy bass notes in the arrangement that automatically make you think of Stevie Wonder if you know his work well.  And, Vannatter’s knack for keen dramatic interpretation make his vocals exciting on this track.” 

                           Danielle Micieli’s New York Cabaret Today, Jan. 6, 2016


“The highlights of the evening are the Harriet Goldberg jazzy " '40s" songs. She can channel that style and sophistication like no one else and put it over seamlessly, as if the lyrics had been there all along: "We Stole a Kiss on the Train (...We disembarked and discovered the moon.") The lyricism and mood just about take your breath away. You know what they always say. They don't write 'em like that any more but they're wrong. Goldberg does.”


                         Beverly Creasey, Theater Mirror May 2008

“Harriet is doing what many songwriters are doing now, writing in the style of the Great American Songbook writers, without copying.  She is current without being specific or topical, so that the songs remain timeless and universal.  Also, she knows how to lay the words down on the music where vowels and consonants sit well, and are attractive to singers.”

                          Dane Vannatter, Award winning cabaret/jazz vocalist

“Your music is perfect at what it is - beautiful, accessible, easy to listen to, fun to sing along to, songs that sound like you’ve known them your whole life!”

                        Krisanthi Pappas,  Jazz vocalist/Award winning songwriter


“Standouts included D’Amour’s spitfire turn on the Goldberg/Levy tune, “You Won’t be Breaking My Heart,” Lieberman’s wry no-nonsense delivery of Goldberg’s “Tired of Hearing Love Songs,” and Vannatter’s rendition of just about anything he sang, but especially Goldberg’s brand new song, “We Don’t Know Where We’re Going,” a tour de force of lyric metaphors that dazzle as it strikes an emotional chord.”

                             John Amodeo Cabaret Scenes June 2009


“BOSTON SINGS BOSTON is a love fest: Three versatile singers (one pianist and one special guest each night) deliver a slew of sassy, sensational songs by local songwriters, cabaret-style, this week and next. Centastage wears its heart on its sleeve and puts its money where....What delightful songs these are (not to mention what delightful performers Melinda Stanford, Chip Phillips and Will McGarrahan are!) Pianist Tim Evans and company belt the heck out of hilarious numbers like Iris Tanner's [Men should Come With] "Warning Labels"("Do not mix with beer.") and Stephen Murray's naughty "Football Fan" (who follows the "tight end with his backfield in motion") or classy, old fashioned cabaret songs like Harriet Goldberg's "Tired of Hearing Love Songs" ("those silk and satin glove songs"). What fabulous rhymes. What cheek! What fun. Centastage has paved Boston's own Tin Pan Alley.”

                                Beverly Creasey 2002 Theater Mirror


“If you haven’t been to BOSTON SINGS BOSTON, you only have one more week to hear what local composers are up to.  This is Centastage’s fourth year celebrating local songwriters: From the hip (Barry Rosenberg’s cheeky “Wish I was Here” smoothly delivered by Lisa Korak), to the sentimental (Krisanthi Pappa’ sweet “My Back Yard” smartly sung country style, by Lisa Korak). the songs range from contemporary sass (David Reiffel’snaughty “Get Back on the Curb”) to old fashioned charmers like Harriet Goldberg’s “I Just Love to be Here With You,” with DeVivo and Aimee Doherty making beautiful music together.  If you didn’t know better, you’d think Goldberg’s gem had surely been in Bing Crosby’s repertoire.”

                                   Beverley Creasey Theater Mirror ©2004


"Get up and dance to the joyous rhythmic treatment provided by "Bring Back The Moonlight," a swinging ballad given life affirming treatment by this great band, and Neill's upbeat bluesy vocals. Local Boston composer Harriet Goldberg's lyrics are captured in full, moving fashion, with Neill ending on a wonderful vocal high and Gardony moving up and down his piano furiously to keep pace."

                                      Nelson Brill, Stereo Times May 2005